Which Laser Eye Surgery Uses the Best Technology?

As more people opt for laser eye surgery, the technology used in this field is becoming consistently better. Choosing the best eye surgery does not only involve the use of high technology but also which kind of surgery is better for the type of vision correction you need. However, new eye surgery technology does mean faster, safer, more precise eye operations. Here is a look at some of the newest machinery and techniques for laser eye surgery.

IntraLase Eye Surgery

IntraLase uses rapid laser light pulses to create a corneal flap, rather than cutting the cornea with a metal blade. The laser moves back and forth across the eye, creating microscopic bubbles at a specific depth and position. The doctor then separates the tissue where the bubbles have formed to make the corneal flap.

A microkeratome blade can only make a one dimension corneal cut and it can leave an irregular surface one the cornea after the flap is lifted, meaning that the quality of your postoperative vision might be negatively affected. Because IntraLase is more precise than a metal blade, the surface will be completely smooth, even after the flap is lifted.

Advanced CustomVue

This procedure is a custom-tailored laser vision correction process which corrects the unique imperfection in the eye. Advanced CustomVue can work on patients with long sight, near sign or astigmatism. Advanced CustomVue uses WaveScan technology for individualized and accurate treatment. In this procedure, Iris Registration is used which is a process to automatically align and register your correction, making your laser eye surgery more accurate and precise.

WaveScan WaveFront Technology

WaveScan was originally created for use in high powered telescopes to limit distortion when viewing objects in space. This technology is now used in laser eye surgery and can measure eye imperfections twenty five times more precisely than older methods. The WaveScan technology is transferred from the scanner to the laser and this technology offers a more accurate, precise procedure and a better chance of a successful result.

S4 Technology

The VISX Star S4 technology offers three dimensional eye tracking and different sized laser beams to use during eye surgery. This means a quick, safe and precise procedure and minimal corneal tissue removal. Because S4 technology removes only necessary corneal tissue and no more, it lessens the risk of night vision problems and also means this system can be used for patients with thin corneas who were not acceptable for LASIK eye surgery before.

If you are a candidate for laser eye surgery and you want to know which laser eye surgery is the best, you should consult your doctor or ophthalmologist as well as finding out about the latest eye surgery technology which has been developed to make laser eye operations safer, faster and more likely to give a good vision correction result.

Also remember that just because there have been recent technological advances in the field of vision correction does not make any surgical procedure a hundred percent safe or guaranteed to work. Before booking any vision correction surgery, you should read more about it and take your time selecting an eye surgeon to carry out the procedure.


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