High Technology and Computers are Cleaning the Air – Saving Us From Global Warming

Many folks out there have complained about high-technology and have warned that indeed, the computers that were suppose to save us time and make us more efficient are having us spend more and more of our day working on them. Yes, we can communicate faster, but are we communicating better they often ask? These are tough questions, as people now spend on average more time on the computer than in front of the TV.

Well, I guess either way, they are gaining weight, whether they become a couch potato or put on the pounds as a desk behind a computer. There are currently studies being done that show how computers save time and travel and this saves energy, fuel consumption and is helping our environment. Could be, the studies seem to show this, so that is hard to debate, after all if you send and email or communicate via video conferencing that means you are saving fuel right?

Thus, if we get rid of computers and people have to meet face-to-face then traffic will be almost double, can you even imagine that? In all major cities and most suburbs the traffic is getting to be so bad that it is costing us efficiency. When cars are parked in traffic they pollute more as well. If the computers ever go down and people are forced to use their cars for more face-to-face meetings then traffic could double say some at the Online Think Tank.

Maybe the high-tech world and computers are cleaning the air and saving us all from Global Warming, maybe we need more Virtual Reality technologies to cut down on our automobile emissions? Indeed, there are some high-tech start-ups who are really working hard to see all this to fruition.

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