Customized Pencils Infused With High Technology

We all know that pencils are only granted to children in the academy. We are boxed in that concept for a long duration of time. Nevertheless, as time goes by, the value of pencils in the market is not just limited as what we know it.

This product has evolved and continuously changing for the better. Have you ever picture what a personalized pencil looks like a century from now? Undoubtedly, it is fun to imagine the possibilities of the future. Thus, let me give you some of my visions about this little writing product.

With the emergence of the latest technology, everything seems to be in a pace as swift as light. Technology will surely play a chief role in the expansion of the modern day custom pencils. Here are some of my visions that might tickle your imagination for your upcoming trade show giveaway idea or just a simple gift to your business executives, loyal consumers or your hard working employees.

Personalized Pencils With Phone

Connecting to your loved ones is made easy with the telephone. Today, the telephones that we know have changed from what we know it way back. At this moment, everything seems to be inside this small device. When everything seems to be incorporated to phones, why not on pencils? In the future, these pencils might also have the capability to transfer files, sketches from one Bluetooth enabled machine to another. With such wonderful fusion, sharing thoughts would not take you a few taps on your keypad. Just hold on to your pencils and write whatever you like to say on its holographic screen. Talk about personalized messaging system.

Internet Enabled Custom Made Pencils With Built In High Tech Sketch Pad

This is a kind of customized pencil that is infused with a computer with internet access. Today, connect yourself to the World Wide Web as you unleash the artist in you. Sketch whatever blueprint or image you want and design whatever you like to design using this custom made pencils. It may have a holographic sketch pad that utilizes a touch screen technology. It is also good to add picture taking application so you can edit it according to your preference. So just visualize these pencils as a stylus minus the PDA smart phone.


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